The one-size-fits-all approach is obsolete.

Our philosophy is very simple.We strongly believe that effective learning is always based on customised teaching.

We offer no shortcuts and tricks for success. Highly passionate about our work, we motivate our students to do the same. We make sure our students maximize every moment of time they spend studying for their exams.

About The Founder

Ms. Richa Mahajan is a self directed and enthusiastic educator with more than twelve years of experience in International Education.

Armed with prestigious and renowned degrees from JNU and AIMA, she commenced her career with Infosys. "Teaching is in my blood. The moment I taught my first student, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." "It is a great feeling to see the light bulb go on," she says, "and to be rewarded with a sparkle in the student's eyes who finally gets it."

Presenting information in a variety of ways, she reinforces its relevance in the world beyond the classroom. She places a strong emphasis on her guiding role with students, while her ‘open door’ policy for parents helps develop a strong partnership – critical she believes, for a rewarding and successful education for the children.

No Claims, Only Results

Dear Richa,

We just wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for helping Mehar over the last 1 year. While in the past he quite often struggled at some aspects of the subject, and therefore it was something he did not enjoy doing. The work you have done with him has not only managed to developed him to be pretty strong in both Language and Literature aspects of the course, but more importantly he has now developed a great liking for English and he is passionate about what he does in the course. Not only have his grades significantly improved but his passion for learning English, learning and enjoying the subject, all at the same time is indeed noteworthy. It is indeed great to see that he is totally transformed. Once again a big thank you for your great help and contribution in bringing about this transformation.

                                                          Ms. Nimmi and Mr. Khushi, Parents of Mehar Singh, Grade X, UWC.

Thank you for coaching my son for his IGCSE and I definitely want him to join you for his IB as well. Under your guidance and mentoring, he has gained a good command of the language which has resulted in him achieving an A.

                                                                     Ms. Misha, Sahil’s Mother, Grade X, Chatsworth International

Ms. Richa’s teaching and encouragement has worked wonders for my children. She has an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in everybody. I am highly satisfied with my children’s progress.

                                                                    Ms. Sherylyn, Curtis and Cheyne’s Mother, Grade X & VI, GIIS.

Words For the Week

       Nefarious - Wicked; sinful

       Berate - To punish severely

       Insurgent - Rebellious

       Ostracize - To exclude from a group

       Pungnacious - Combative

       Deleterious - Harmful

       Timorous - Fearful;timid

Be Absolutely Sure.